Xenograft transplants brought to life

While research is fully underway to prove the theory of 3D printable functional human tissues, artist Agi Haines has produced some phenomenal 'life-like' pseudo-organs. Each one is an amalgamation of human and animal cell types, designed with enabling the recipient with traits from the natural world via xenograft transplantation. 'Electrostabilis Cardium' is designed to keep the heart running, like an organic pacemaker, by using tissue characteristics from an electric eel. The model comes with a short but incredibly vivid video (above) depicting what it could be like using one in surgery for transplantation. 

Other nightmare-inducing models include 'Cerebrothrombal Dilutus' (below), an in-built anti-clotting organ, and 'Tremomucosa Expulsum' which utilises the structure of a human bronchus and the contractility of rattlesnake tissue to allow patients with chronic mucus plugging to clear their throats more effectively upwards to the mouth, or downwards to the digestive system.

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