About me


I have always been fascinated by anatomy. I trained as a radiologist, reporting X-ray, CT and MRI scans on a wide variety of patients.

I've worked with state-of-the-art scanners and front-line diagnostic imaging in a busy hospital, and use my specialist knowledge of human anatomy to create exquisitely accurate and detailed 3D models.

I use high resolution scan data and interesting cases to bring anatomy and pathology to life. I'm still honing my skills, streamlining the workflow and improving, but with the advent of 3D printing I can now bring my dreams into the real world.

All models are hand-segmented from DICOM data and perfected with open-source software.

Selected 3D printed models can be purchased here



I can create bespoke anatomical models tailored to your needs.

Models can be in digital format or prepared for 3D printing in a wide range of materials, from lightweight plastic to precious metals for display.

The process requires a full DICOM data set of the anatomy to be modelled. Ideal data acquisition for CT is volumetric data acquired at minimal slice thickness (0.6mm-3mm). T1W and T2W MRI data at 3T is ideal for MRI modelling. Imaging data sets must be complete and include all source data. This can usually be obtained on CD from your healthcare provider for a small fee.

Please contact me for more information or to make an enquiry.


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